Plumber fools hospital into thinking he is a gynaecologist and carries out examinations on numerous women and one underage girl for DAYS before he is caught

By Mario Tacher on Jan 25 in Health.

A plumber fooled a hospital into believing he was a qualified gynaecologist – allowing him to carry out examinations on female patients including at least one underage girl.

The astonishing security breach was at a hospital in Pervouralsk, Russia.

It took ‘several days’ to discover the ‘confident’ new 31-year-old medic had only plumbing qualifications and had been previously jailed for theft.

A hospital source said that ‘no patients complained about the quality of his treatment’.

In at least one case, the fake doctor – named as Anton Yarin – called an underage patient waiting in a queue to see a gynaecologist.

CCTV footage shows Yarin – a married father of one – wearing a doctor’s white coat while on duty in the hospital.

 He was very confident. We believed he was a new doctor
Nikolay Shaydurov, head doctor of Pervouralsk city hospital

He originally came to the hospital saying he was applying for a plumbing job but then secretly changed into medical clothing before introducing himself around the hospital variously as a gynaecologist, surgeon and Accident & Emergency department medic.

One report stated: ‘He wandered around the hospital with impunity pretending to be a qualified doctor.’

Nikolay Shaydurov, head doctor of Pervouralsk city hospital, said that the man was previously a patient in the hospital.

‘He knows the hospital well and knows the names of many of our doctors,’ he said.

‘He was very confident. We believed he was a new doctor.’

Police are examining the case after a complaint by the hospital.

However, the bogus medic has not been detained, it was revealed today.