This could be a perfect reason why you should not look at your phone while driving.

A delivery driver has hit his motorbike into the boot of a white car waiting in front of a traffic light in east China.

The motorist, who was not injured, would bear the responsibility for compensation.

Footage, uploaded on Youku, a Chinese video-sharing platform, captures the moment a delivery man is driving on a quiet road while looking at his mobile phone.

 A motorist is looking at his phone while driving his motorbike on road in Wuhu, east China (left). Without noticing a white car and a red traffic light, the driver is not stopping (right)

The incident took place recently near Qianqiao road at 7am in Wuhu city of Anhui Province.

The driver did not notice the red traffic light and wrecked into a white car stopping at the front of the queue.

‘I don’t know. My head hurts so bad,’ the delivery man said as he pinched his nose, sitting by the road side.

His yellow bike were severely damaged, so as the boot of the white car.

Anhui traffic policemen arrived and believed the motorist had made a mistake in causing the incident.

The biker agreed to pay for the compensation and take up all the responsibility in the incident.