Motorcycle driver in high-speed chase with cops pulls out PHONE and starts text messaging during 120 mph pursuit

By Mario Tacher on Aug 05 in Uncategorized.

A news helicopter caught the shocking moment when a motorcyclist takes both hands off the handlebars to use his cell phone while he’s in the midst of a high-speed police chase.  

The motorcyclist was captured on video by Newschopper4 Bravo while zooming through traffic on the 405 Freeway in Huntington Beach, California, Saturday at about 9.40pm, while being chased by the Huntington Beach Police Department. 

During the high-speed pursuit, the motorcyclist can be seen taking a hand off the bike’s handlebars to whip out a cell phone.

At times, he can be seen using both hands to seemingly text message while he’s heading down the highway, before putting the phone away and returning his hands to the bike as he puts pedal to the metal and dodges other vehicles. 

The motorcyclist was said to have hit speeds of up to 120mph during the police chase. 

NBC Los Angeles reported that the police pursuit initially involved two motorcycle riders and that they appeared to be texting each other after splitting up, while they attempted to evade capture. 

One rider was said to have headed towards Los Angeles International Airport, while the other one traveled down a different highway. 

One of the two riders was arrested, but the other escaped. 

It’s unclear why police were chasing the motorcyclists.