Look twice, it’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

By Mario Tacher on May 02 in Legal News.

There are more than one million drivers licensed to ride motorcycles in Florida and many more motorcyclists who visit the state because of year-round good weather and smooth roads.

However, there were more than 10,000 motorcycle crashes in 2016, according to the latest state statistics available. More than 80 percent involved men and over 500 were fatal.

That’s why the Florida Department of Transportation is promoting May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, offering tips for drivers with two wheels, four wheels, or more wheels.

Among other things, motorcyclists are advised to ride sober, be more visible to motorists, wear adequate riding gear including a helmet, and inspect your motorcycle before each ride.

Likewise, motorist recommendations include giving motorcycles room to ride, never try to share a lane, use rearview mirrors and check blind spots before changing lanes, do not tailgate a motorcycle, and don’t drive distracted.