Cops believe SUV crash that killed family may have been intentional

By Mario Tacher on Apr 02 in Legal News.

Police now believe the family who plummeted to their deaths in California last weekdeliberately drove off a cliff, according to new reports.

Baarts said that information, along with the lack of skid marks where the car — containing moms Jennifer and Sarah Hart and at least three of their six kids — went over, leads authorities to believe the act was intentional, KPTV reported.

Highway patrol said the SUV – which was “pinned” at 90 mph – stopped about 70 feet from the edge of the cliff and then it was “pure acceleration all the way, up to the point where it impacted the ocean floor.”

Authorities recovered the bodies of the two Washington state mothers, both 39, and three of their adopted children — Markis, 19, and Abigail and Jeremiah, both 14 — at the scene.

Their other three kids, ages 12 to 16, including Devonte Hart – the black teen whose image went viral when he hugged a white cop during a 2014 protest in Oregon – are unaccounted for,. but are believed to have been in the SUV.