Boy gets run over while playing football but immediately jumps to his feet and runs off in incredible video

By Mario Tacher on Sep 26 in Uncategorized.

This is the terrifying moment a seven-year-old boy is hit by a car as he bends down to tie his shoelaces.

The child was unhurt despite being driven over in the Chembur area of Mumbai in India.

CCTV footage showed the female driver driving on without realizing that the boy was under her car.

The video shows a group of children playing football in the middle of the road with a few cars parked to the side.

A woman can be seen getting into one of the parked cars beside which the seven-year-old, who is in a red shirt, is playing football with his friend.

As the woman gets ready to start the car, the boy crouches down to tie his shoelaces.

This takes him out of the eyeline of the driver who can be seen reversing and then accelerating out of the parking spot.

Here, the boy has crouched down to tie his shoelaces and is completely unaware of the car that is accelerating towards him

She crashes into the startled boy and carries on accelerating, seemingly unaware he is under her.

The boy rolls out from the other side of the car as it speeds away and seems remarkably unscathed.

Unsurprisingly, however, he seems stunned and gets up and runs to his friends.

The group of boys appear not to have noticed what happened and they can be seen huddling around him as he lays on the floor – presumably in pain.

It crunches into him and the woman driver drives over the seven-year-old, unaware that he is trapped under his car 

After a few moments, an older boy scoops the seven-year-old into his arms and carries him off, with the rest of the boys trailing behind.

The video was later shared by the owner of the CCTV camera to warn the parents of the children playing in the street of the dangers of leaving them unattended.

The video also went viral on the social media.

One user blamed the lady: ‘Was the lady blind? Couldn’t she check before driving? She must have felt something below the car.’

Another user defended the driver: ‘Why would the lady drive over the kid and get herself jailed. She actually couldn’t spot the kid due to the car’s height and angle.’